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you, devon. hope you are off to a great thursday, right now, finding issues in maryland and virginia. take a look outside at 270 and 109. an accident off to the left shoulder has the driver approaching the scene. hopefully, it will be cleared out shortly. as we return to the maps, we zoom into the bethesda area. this is where we have a downed tree. right now, southbound massachusetts remains closed. no lanes are passable at little falls parkway, so to get around this, you will want to use river road. northbound pennsylvania, approaching the capital beltway. still using the left lane as an accident investigation continues. 95 in virginia. no incidents, no accidents, but it looks like the delay is starting to set in. it is building and again between 77100 and the back road. back to you. >> at the top of the hour, pat yourself on the back, you live in the best educated region in the nation. the story is new this morning. kristin fisher is live outside of american university to tell us why we are so smart. good morning, kristin. >> reporter: we are feeling good. this is based on 2008 cen
southbound maryland 396. that road is currently closed at little falls parkway. >> the washington, d.c. region has just been ranked the best educated metropolitan area in the country. according to a new report released by the brookings institute. kristin fisher is crunching the numbers live for us. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, this study is based on 2008 census data from the top 100 metropolitan areas in the country. once again, what do you know? washington, d.c. is home to the smartest people in the entire country. not boston, not seattle, not san francisco, us. we'll break it down by the numbers. this is a list of the top 5 metropolitan areas what do you know, number one, washington, arlington, that entire dc metro area comes in at 47% of adults with bachelor degrees. so that means half of washingtonians have college degrees. numbers 2, 3, and 4, bridge port, connecticut, san jose and san francisco, clock in at 33, 34%. and you might think it would be higher up on the list. boston, cambridge, massachusetts, at 42%. i should point out that the washington area ranks numbe
heat is responsible for death tonight. maryland officials say there are two more heat-related illnesses in the state. one died this week. the other died in june. both had serious underlying conditions and were found inside their homes without air conditioning. some relief tonight from the heat as there was a slight drop in temperatures. a live look outside now shows clouds moving in, as well as a chance of thunderstorms. wjz is live with first warning weather coverage. bob turk is tracking live doppler radar. >>> a lot of shower activity going on. take a look at radar. all across the western areas of our region. a lot of showers showers and storms. all moving slowly off to the east. hopefully we'll get some of this activity late tonight. right now, northeast of us, a few light, pop-up showers, and down to the southeast of the baltimore region. a nice little batch of thundershowers. route 50 between salisbury vienna and cambridge. and we're looking forward to this. moving into our region late tonight. we hope to get at least a pretty good dose of rain into tomorrow morning. some areas co
poll shows the maryland governor's race is a dead heat. it was released this morning by gonzalez research and marketing strategies. according to the >>> in the news now, a franklin county man will only spend a year in jail for shooting and killing a college student. he pleaded no contest to voluntary manslaughter, trespassing and two weapons charges. prosecutors say last november he mistook jessica goode and regis berne for deer near the campus. goode died after being shot in the chest. the judge sentenced him to eight years and suspended all but one year. >>> two rocky mountain virginia firefighters are dead after they got in to an accident in their fire truck. it happened on monday. the truck was on the way to a house fire in pen hook when it hit an suv and rolled over before landing on top of another car. no one else was hurt in the crash. the cause is under investigation. >>> b.p. says tony hayward will step down as ceo on october 1st. the oil company said the decision was made by mutual agreement. hayward will remain on the board until november and be replaced by bob dudley.
store in buoy, maryland, around 9:00 this morning. he went to the downer and yelled at the clerk to hand over the money. the suspect then fired a gunshot into the air. the clerk gave up the cash and the suspect ran out the door and down the street. a few customers were in the store at the time but no one was hurt. >>> the national transportation safety board is now investigating that emergency landing that injured 20 passengers. the united airlines flight left dulles airport yesterday evening about 5:30 for l.a.x. but hit a lot ofture sglens land in the denver. passengers and crew member were injured, mostly with back and neck injuries. one woman was thrown from her seat. even left a crack on the plane where she hit the side of the cabin. we caught one passengers when they eventually arrived in los angel angeles. >> it felt like i had gone down an elevator shaft, hit the bottom and came back up. >> it was a big drop and all the wine glasses and everything went flying. there was drink all over the ceiling. people, and i guess some people might have not put their seatbelt on because that's
. our guest is an attorney for the american civil liberties union of maryland. maryland law requires here, david, consent from all parties where there is a reasonable expectation of privacy. why would there be an expectation of privacy on a public road? >> there plain and simply isn't any expectation of privacy. and i think it's important to remember here that it's a public official who was performing his official duty in public who is claiming that he had a reasonable expectation of privacy. and every court that has ever considered that question has said that such officials do not have an expectation of privacy. what we have here is a really extraordinary abuse of power both by the police and by the state's attorney's office that's charging mr. graber. >> and what gets me is that in many cases you have dash camera video now rolling during every traffic stop so that a person is recorded on the side of the road. how is it fair for the cops to do it but not fair for a private citizen to do it? >> that's exactly right. in fact, the maryland state police have those dash cams by virtue of
goes far and wide. we, in the state of maryland, rely heavily on our friends in the gulf for oysters, for the well-known and yummy gulf shrimp, and not regrettably, but they are a good supplement to our wonderful chesapeake bay blue crabs. we need to know that seafood is safe, and the american public needs to know that the seafood is safe for the simple reason that we want them to continue to feel comfortable buying gulf products so that the economic consequences is not multiplied where first of all they have closed the fishing areas, and that i have closed the beaches, but they have closed the fishing areas and then people say, well, i'm not going the buy it, because i worry about it. one, we need to insure the safety and then we need good publ information about that. i want to come back to that, but i want to go right to this idea of the unified command and who does what. i have been concerned about the ified command, because it soundsto me, like when i heard it, it sounded so cool and command and control and decisive and quit-witted and swift of boat and foot. but when i got, ther
they are discovering this at this time. this one was done in georgia. this is one in maryland green belt outside of washington d.c. this is right outside of the co-op. and then urban roads like this in the los angeles river and this is being built. this is mira loma park. this is lark merced blvd. it's all made of clay. it's going to slump. these are the roads built in the oakland hills. nate, red woods. skyline. and enabled them to go up and develop the hills. the rural roads that go through the coast range. this enabled them to get their stuff to market. this is at road built by the ccc. this is a bridge. this is highway one and you won't know, except you look at the bridge and you will see dates, 1938, 1939. the airstrips are ccc. and the one out at treasure island. long beach, burbank. this is oakland and the whole built line railroad was redone. 19 is a pwa project and our great amphitheatres are from that time. this is santa barbara bowl. this is the forest theater in carmel and these are ccc workers putting huge bolder. here's 6 thousand people getting ready to enjoy oklahoma in that thea
gets the house, the car. but who gets the dog? how one divorce case in maryland may change the way pets are viewed when a marriage splits up. carol costello's got a "gut check" for us ahead. >>> checkin this morning. as we cross the half-hour, three employees at the u.s. embassy in paris are being treated for poisoning after opening their mail citing a french police source, reuters says the exact nature of the poisonings is not yet known. the source also did not know the seriousness of the employees' condition. no comment yet from the u.s. embassy. >>> turns out the number of graves mislabeled or mismarked at arlington national cemetery is way more than originally thought. as many as 6,600 graves at arlington may have been affected in this. the army's previous estimate is much smaller. around 211 plots at the military burial ground. >>> this is now the deadliest month for u.s. troops in afghanistan since the war began nine years ago. in the past 24 hours, nato says three american soldiers were killed in two different blasts in southern afghanistan. that brings july's death toll to 63. >
and the food goes far and wide. we, in the state of maryland, rely heavily on our friends in the gulf for oysters, for the well-known and yummy gulf shrimp, and not regrettably, but they are a good supplement to our wonderful chesapeake bay blue crabs. we need to know that seafood is safe, and the american public needs to know that the seafood is safe for the simple reason that we want them to continue to feel comfortable buying gulf products so that the economic consequences is not multiplied where first of all they have closed the fishing areas, and that i have closed the beaches, but they have closed the fishing areas and then people say, well, i'm not going the buy it, because i worry about it. one, we need to insure the safety and then we need good public information about that. i want to come back to that, but i want to go right to this idea of the unified command and who does what. i have been concerned about the unified command, because it sounds, to me, like when i heard it, it sounded so cool and command and control and decisive and quit-witted and swift of boat and foot. bu
, but this morning well the earth shook them back. an earthquake measuring magnitude 6.6 hit maryland it was centered in the suburb of german town. >> i woke up to a loud crash or bang, and felt the house shake and to me it felt like something had hit the house. >> reporter: earthquakes are rare in maryland. this is the largest to hit the d.c. area since geologists began keeping record back in 1974. the last one was 16 years ago and measured 4.7. >>> captured by the wide field infrared explorer otherwise known as w.i.s. e. the w.i.s.e. telescope will spend the next month mapping the skies again to search for more hidden skies and galaxys. >>> well the final numbers are in, we know now how much was paid for her appearance at a local university and how much money she raised. >>> the foundation that hosted sarah palin's speech last month as a fundraiser revealed today that it paid the former alaska governor $75,000 for her appearance. foundation officials had previously refused to say how much she was paid. attorney general jerry brown opened an investigation to determine if any public money was used.
before us today was introduced by congressman john sarbanes of maryland along with myself and representatives frank wolf, gerry connolly of virginia, jim moran of virginia, dutch ruppersberger of maryland and danny davis of illinois back in march of 2009. the bill was then amended and ordered reported favorably by our subcommittee on march 24 and again shortly thereafter by the oversight and government reform committee on april 14, 2010. madam speaker, despite the evolving nature of the way the federal government conducts its affairs, fellow work, which allows an employee to regularly perform work from a remote location other than their usual workplace continues to be underutilized by federal agencies. experiences that demonstrated that the private and public sector employers who utilize telework experienced increased productivity and retention rates. more specifically, the u.s. patent and trademark office and the defense information systems agency have successfully used telework programs which show potentially how telework can transform and enhance agencies' customers ser
happened in maryland, where paramedics say the heat likely played a role in the death of a 20-year-old man who was biking and had a heart attack. >> this is shaping up to be the warmest july on record, and we've had the jet stream well to the north and that has been reinforcing the warm air. >> reporter: in the nation's capital, more scorching temperatures, that tourists from oregon were not accustomed to. >> not this hot and not this much humidity. >> reporter: back in new york, blistering temperatures seemed appropriate for a sand sculpting contest at coney island but the most some can do is wait it out and take advantage of anything that's cool. for "today" rehema ellis, nbc news, new york. >> now here's jenna. >> thanks. >>> since the gulf dodged a bullet as bonnie faded away, the scramble to make up lost time is on. ships are getting back into place this morning as crews continue to work on plugging the gusher before another big storm stops work again. this as british newspapers are reporting this morning that bp's embattled ceo, tony hayward might be stepping down. nbc's charles hadl
for the future. 5700 new jobs that makes maryland more competitive in the world economy. without governor o'malley, this expansion would never have happened. his commitment to upgrading our port and fighting for our workers is unparalleled. martin o'malley, there's never a doubt who's side he's on. martin o'malley. moving maryland forward. [ maltry the subway achin'steak & bacon melt. who's side he's on. tender juicy steak, sizzlin' hot bacon, fresh veggies on a blanket of bubbly cheese on freshly baked bread. and when morning rolls around, the new steak and bacon muffin melt with fluffy egg, melted cheese, and, oh yeah, bacon. all on a fresh toasted english muffin. mmm. guess we should leave you lovebirds alone now. crank up the flavor at subway. ♪ >>> 8:30 on wednesday morning, july 28, 2010. rockefeller plaza packed on a bright, beautiful morning in the northeast. we are hoping for more of the same on friday when country music's golden girl carrie underwood makes our summer concert stage her temporary home. speaking of music and all things wonderful, al caught up with an unlikely duo.
county, the vote is there. >> how does the rest of the state, the entire state of maryland view montgomery county? it is the largest jurisdiction. and you have the largest budget. >> well, it's not always the best image around the country, around the state. but i think people -- you see the same thing in fairfax county. it's a county that people look at in terms of its affluence. its impact. we have had struggles in annapolis and other places to make people understand this is the engine for the state of maryland. so at least it needs to be looked upon in a way that really puts emphasis on the state of maryland. i've heard some years ago describing baltimore, montgomery county as a wine wine drinking cheese eating, to consume baltimore. >> whoa. >> that is wrong. it should say perrier drinking. >> a lot of exciting things happening. you were in silver springs, gathering place. tell us a little bit about that. that whole area has taken off. >> right. this is one of the true remarkable successes of my predecessor. and i was on the county council, he was county executive. he provide
near maryland it struck early at five a m appeared at 2:00 a.m. our time. no reports of injuries or damage but tremors from it spread far as west virginia. last summer quick quiz kid marilyn was 2007. new warning to dog owners. since may of 2005 at least 122 dogs death had been reported pure english bulldogs account for the single highest number of deaths 25 and died in the last five years. although the death accounts for a small percentage ownership consult with their pet canary in before putting any animal in a plane. the experts say the dogs that are easily stress or not well socialized are not good candidates for travel air wise. with a programming note to tell you about. tell you about. this friday nbc will air the giants games so we will have nbc programming. at 8pm we will air the nbc movie of the week: the jenson project. at 10:00pm a special edition of kron 4 news, w w e smackdown can be seen on saturday at 7:00pm the cool and breezy night at at&t park with temperatures dropping into the 50s for the game. lots of low clouds and gusty winds scott tell you about what th
. >>> good morning, we have thunderstorms advancing to the northeast, new york, pennsylvania and maryland today. some of these could be severe across the southeast as well, kentucky and tennessee. otherwise things are looking clear in our neck of the woods. if you need more information for your traveling, check our website at www.abc7.com. >>> a baseball umpire is recovering from an injury he received on the field. he wasn't hit by a bail or bat. instead he was punched in the face by one of the coaches. amy hollyfield has the story that is shocking parents and players in vallejo. >> vallejo had just taking the lead in the babe ruth state league tournament and tensions were running high. >> we were winning. >> but the game came the an abrupt and unpredictable incorporated. first base umpire made a tough call and the call was against vallejo and that is when it got ugly. >> the coach for the other team argued with the umpire, didn't like what he heard and reached his arm back and got him. >> he was unconscious for about 20 minutes. they decided to end the game and give sonoma the win. >> th
in maryland. the united states supreme court has stated repeatedly that immigrants are allowed to vote, immigration status is not a bar to exercise their right to vote, and under our state constitution, it explicitly authorizes charter cities such as san francisco to provide for the manner of electing a school board members. colleagues, i ask for your support for this item that came out of rules committee unanimously and has the support of eight of us. i want to mention one thing that has changed since the meeting. initially, and the comptroller's office had to assess the cost to the city being about $780,000. it turned out that those cost estimates were inaccurate, based on estimates from six years ago. recently, they issued a new letter that stated that the cost for allowing immigrant parents to vote in elections would range from anywhere from 106,000 to $150,000. i ask for your support to ensure that all immigrant parents have a voice and that all students are part of what we're trying to achieve here in san francisco. >> bottom 24. supervisor campos: aye. president chiu: aye. super
's regardless of their level of musical talents. brave shop owner. >>> and the humane society of maryland is reminding drivers of the dangers of leaving kids or pets in your car exposed to the sweltering summer sun. to demonstrate, they left cookies to bake on the dashboard of a car. and well, the sweets not only baked. some of them even burned. yikes. >>> and now for a look at your national and regional weather, here is nbc's meteorologist bill karins with your weather channel forecast. good morning to you, bill. i understand, we've been in the middle of a heat wave. it was 120 in the car. >> if the temperature outside is that warm and closed in. dangers always in the summer months. good reminder. let's talk about what's happening in the tropics. mentioning bonnie and impacts of it's about to move on shore. winds are gusty, a weak tropical system, not going to cause any destruction. an equivalent to a squally type day. rain will pick up in miami shortly. watching out west yesterday, it was warm, 106 in vegas. cooler yesterday. sacramento 92, medford at 95. that heat still in the salt lak
, soccer, wins over washington in maryland. they're leading their division in the lead with the best record. so good luck to them as they try to win their first ever big championship. >> alan: that's it for abc-7. thanks for watching. good night. captioned by closed captioning services inc. )ñ)ñ@ú@ú@ú@ú t ñ
in maryland, she said this is a mess out here. it is just even worse than we could have imagined. it was. a wild frontier sort of area and they were used to a more sedate life back in the east. these are young women, mother baptist russell was 24 years old when she came out to establish mercy work here in san francisco. they did a tremendous work. >> follow up on sisters and other people in history in just a moment. mosaic, we will take a break and be back in a moment >>> welcome back to mosaic. we are talking this morning with dr. jeff burns historian and archivist for arch die cease of san francisco and a deacon in the church, doctor, deacon, jeff, welcome back to the program. we were talking before about the people who played sterling roles in the development of the catholic church in san francisco and really by that i mean the archdiocese of san francisco for so many years encompassed of north earn california. the reardon who succeeded archbishop allemany what was his role. >>> he built st. patricks seminary which opened 1898. he tried to open a seminary because he wanted a native cl
high winds roared through maryland. another woman in the van was injured. all along the eastern seaboard temperatures in the high 90s gave way to a fast moving storm that caused heavy damage. in new york this storm brought down dozens of trees, one crashing this car. no injuries, but some residents thought it was more than just a rainstorm. >> it sounded like a little tornado was happening over here, because within seconds this big tree fell down and this one just missed the house by a couple inches. so it got bad. >> reporter: the nation's capital was hardest hit. >> we have a wire down over there. we have the street over there blocked by a tree that came down on a house and firefighters are over there right now. >> reporter: this morning hundreds of thousands in the area are without power. 262,000 in montgomery county, maryland, 43,000 without power in baltimore, 38,000 in northern virginia. and the cleanup has just begun. officials in the area say the damage is so severe and so widespread that as of now they have no timetable as to when most places will be back online. in asp
-old army intelligence officer from maryland. >> just ahead, imagine riding through the drive-through in this. we'll show you who's behind this whacky invention. >>> up all night in oakland. we'll take you to the coliseum where you can join hollywood a-listers shooting a move about the a's. >> and police think they have a the people who killed a man over $17. >> and prepping for your morning commute. i'm tracking it for you this morning. >>> good morning. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm brent cannon. straight up 5:00 in a couple of seconds. it is tuesday, july 22nd. >> we want to check in with
of maryland are just a few of the many schools that plan on giving some students i pad spirit instead of giving the device away the north carolina state university library has 30 i pad is going to loan to students and faculty. the students i pad can be used to read some of the 9000 books that the recently acquired. state school officials say the i pad could help students save and textbook costs and during i pad where deep caring to 40 t of textbooks. to check out all the other schools investing in apple i pad visit www.kron4.com look for what's on the web section. >> and a programming note to tell you about this friday nbc will air the giants game so we will carry nbc programming. this friday at 8:00 p.m. we will air dateline, a 10:00 this special edition of kron 4 news. dr. phil will air friday at 3:00 p.m..
"nightline." >> i'm terry moran. coming up next, a maryland man is charged with murdering a mother and her daughter, and police say there may be many more victims. and then we will tag along with a host of bizarre foods as he eats his way under the dark under side of the animal kingdom on [ male announcer ] whoa, the new ultimate turkey & bacon avocado. get ready for the ride of your life. wipeout in waves of tender turkey and crispy bacon. gaze upon the rad rainbow of voluminous veggies and cool, sea-green avocado all on freshly baked bread. are you up for the ultimate? ♪ then you've got to try the totally new subway ultimate turkey & bacon avocado. carve one up today. crank up the flavor at subway. >> closed captioning brought to >> closed captioning brought to >>> san quentin prison officials have identified the man accused of stabbing a well-known inmate to death. 31-year-old frank so you swraw is -- frank souza is serving 60 years to life for stabbing edward schaefer to death using a homemade weapon. schaefer was sentenced to life in prison for driving drunk and plowing his motorcyc
. the best is yet to come. >>> this comes to us now from whag in hagerstown, maryland, where in a nearby town, a man got a little more than he bargained for when he bought a used van. several days after driving it home, he discovered a little tiny 5-week-old kitten living in the spare tire. he believes the mother was also living there, but jumped out when the van started moving. although the kitten was dehydrated and covered with oil, it has since made a full recovery and now goes by the name lucky. too cute. so cute. >> are you a cat person? >> you know, i'm allergic. i would be if i wasn't allergic but i do think they are cute. >> see, that's very nice of you. >> thanks, bill. i'm veronica de la cruz and this is "early today," just your first stop of the day, today on your nbc station. >>> one annual festival in morocco honors some not so noblemen. the festival is dedicated to the barbary corsairs' seafaring pirates who plundered european ships and villages between in the middle ages in the 19th century. dancers, musicians, and acrobats took part in the dazzling production set against the c
. while other states are still struggling, martin o'malley is making the tough choices... to move maryland forward. >>> so, when you think of all your favorite songs, the songs that became the soundtrack of your life, what is the year you scroll back to? for grammy award-winning singer and song writer, marc cohn, that year was 1970. he has come out with a new cd that's a collection of songs from that year. it's called "listening booth 1970." he's here right now. i love that idea. but why 1970? >> i was around 11 years old. and the music you hear around that age, really burns in. it stays with you the longest. moves you the most. and that was the case with me. it happened to be also just when the beatles broke up. and the three, main writers came solo artists. and each came out with an amazing album that year. so did cat stevens, neil young. all for me, are benchmarks of great albums. >> and you give back the image of the listening booth in the record store. a store in shakers square, in cleveland. i grew up in cleveland. >> you grew up in cleveland? you remember shaker square. there was jo
report on this coming up at 6:00. >>> charges have been dropped against three university of maryland students arrested in the off-campus mala lay in march. the students were charged with disorderly conduct for their part in the post-duke game riot. thousands of kids poured in to the streets of college park. a total of 28 were arrested. the students, david markham, steven harvey and brandon johnson have been cleared. >>> a controversial decision in fairfax county after months of opposition, the school board voted to, in fact, close clifton elementary school at the end of next year. the county cited the $11 million cost it would take to renovate the smallest school building. people in clifton are upset because it is the town's only school. kids might be sent to surrounding schools or the board could choose to build a new building nearby. >>> the cost of traveling overseas is about to get higher. passport fees are going up $110 for adults. that's a $35 increase. the minors under age 16 passports will cost $85, a $20 hike. and fees will also increase for visas. >>> when it comes to cell
. it was 3.6 centered between germantown and gaithersburg, maryland. none of those gates cause in his significant problems. >>> it's 5:08. a blow to one silicon valley community. we'll tell you why a tech giant is closing up shop there. >>> apple gets ready to discuss problems with its new iphone. we'll tell you how they could have been prevented months ago. >>> and new choices for teenaged girls at one popular clothing store. why some parents are appalled. ,, with high-speed internet from at&t, you can connect to the internet at blazing fast speeds. wow, look at that! so you can go online and check out the news, or you can just catch up with old friends -- hey buddy. you can download videos and -- wow, that was fast... you can do it all from the comfort of home. so, as you can see, it's a -- whoah. you know what? i'm gonna just go grab a sandwich. [ male announcer ] introducing our fastest internet with speeds up to 24 megabits per second. call, visit or click today. now for only $24.95 or less per month for 12 months [ john ] i love these new cell phones. [ wife ] he just got a new
:04 in the morning pacific time. it was centered in maryland but was felt as far away as pennsylvania and virginia. employees say they got hundreds of nervous calls but no reports of serious damage or injuries. >> 4:37 is our time and let's find out our conditions around here. >> heat wave inland continues today, let's talk about what is happening if you are leaving the house. 72 in antioch. 50s everywhere you see yellows south and eastward. north bay valleys, mid to upper 50s. same thing for san francisco and half moon bay. this afternoon, warmest weather is going to be inland but you wouldn't know by looking at the 24-hour temperature change. it's cooler in most places. there is a real thin layer of marine air that is pushing through, but since it's so thin. air is so much warm it's going to thin out real quickly. hundred around antioch, clearlake, cloverdale. low to mid 90s santa rosa, napa and san jose. upper 80s around palo alto and fremont. san francisco is 70. oakland is 78 but look at the coast, cloudy and about 65 in half moon bay. let's look at your accu-weather seven-day forecast. take
rockville, maryland. quakes are so unusual in the area some people thought it was a truck passing by or a low flying airplane. people visiting from california laughed. no reports of any injuries or damage. the president said he didn't feel it. >> that's funny. my girlfriend just moved to the east coast and said what's the big deal. >> what is it? what was that? >>> yeah. big deal here though. it is hot, hot, hot. >> i got to tell you whenever i go out to schools and have weather lectures, here locally people always want to know about tornadoes, but when i worked in chicago, they all wanted to know about earthquakes. it's really the unknown that we're really always interested in. this is very interesting. take a look at the transamerica building this evening. we cannot see the top of the sphere. this leads me to believe -- i like using it as a barometer, i'm believing right now the ceiling is down to 600 feet n. will impact your saturday morning. in fact, right now in san francisco totally socked in at 53 degrees. san jose clear skies at 71. and still balmy in brentwood. sounds lik
just after 5:00 a.m. in the morning centered near rockville, maryland. quakes are so unusual some people thought it was a truck passing by or a low flying plane. there were no reports of injuries or damage. the president said he didn't feel it. >> he was on his way to bar harbor to have a coconut ice cream. >> we saw that earlier. >> roberta what is going on? >> 63 in san francisco. we did have 100 degrees in pittsburgh. brentwood as well. look what happened this evening. a marine layer roughly about 1000 feet deep sweeped into the city of san francisco. look right now the transamerica building. that is roughly down to 600 feet. that's how we begin our morning tomorrow you can count on delays at sfo on arriving flights. that's pretty much the criteria right there at 600 feet. so let's go ahead and crunch our models together and come up with your pinpoint forecast. currently, san francisco at 53 degrees. mid-50s and overcast in mill valley. san jose. 68 after a high today of 83. and brentwood has now tumbled 20 degrees after their triple digit reading today. we will kick start your
germantown and gaithersburg, maryland. here at northern california, we had two quakes magnitudes 4.0 the other 3.9, shaking the geysers area of sonoma county yesterday. we are told neither of them caused significant problems. >>> heads up if you have bagged lettuce in your refrigerator. some of that bagged lettuce being recalled because it could make you sick. salinas-based fresh express says hundreds of thousands of bags may be tainted with e. coli. the recall involves fresh express romaine salads. those bags have an expired-use by date july 8 through 12. and there is an s as in sam in the product code. so far, no illnesses have been reported as a result of that lettuce. >>> when we come back, how pure is the olive oil that you are using? the popular oils that have failed the virgin or extra virgin test. >>> dying of thirst you? grab a big bottle of water, right? coming up next why british researchers say you would be better off sipping tea. >>> and we have a lot of sunshine out there today but it will not be a complete slam- dunk. parts of the coastline still looking at clouds. w
about 5:00 in the east coast at 3.6. though set in the maryland area but no reports of damage or injuries. his news around the bay fire fighters are suing for overtime hours the hours isn't the of uniforms and gear before picking up their shares. the lawsuits filed just today and the firefighters say the district refuses to pay them for the time they spend driving from one station to pick up their equipment the drug to another stage where such work. the church officials say they're not entitled to the overtime because the of the option of taking the cure of the every day. we'll be right back and kron4 morning news continues to lead to a cure for bullet creek resort a week to award star to the date is 63 now coming to near 100 degrees later this afternoon. the real story. 40 years in politics... and failure has followed him everywhere. ♪ in the sixties, brown enters politics and later serves two terms as governor. his big spending turns a surplus into a billion dollar deficit. brown appoints liberal judges who fight the death penalty, supports billions in new taxes, and leave
, warmest locations, maryland barely making it up to the 83 mark. heather and mike tomorrow afternoon, look toward to east. you'll see those puffy clouds. >>> well, coming up next, one of the key pieces of the oakland as goes on the disabled list. >>> the giants third straight win was the only good thing that happened. pat buehrle burrell -- he was taken out on a stretcher, his ct scans were negative. buster posey with a solid single up the middle. two more hits for posey who has hit in 17 straight games. another impressive outing for bumgarner the hit that
. temperatures are trending down as we head to monday and tuesday. in fact, tuesday, warmest locations, maryland barely making it up to the 83 mark. heather and mike tomorrow afternoon, look toward to east. you'll see those puffy clouds. >>> well, coming up next, one of the key pieces of the oakland as goes on the disabled li >>> the giants third straight win was the only good thing that happened. pat buehrle burrell -- he was taken out on a stretcher, his ct scans were negative. buster posey with a solid single up the middle. two more hits for posey who has hit in 17 straight games. another impressive outing for bumgarner the hit that put it away came in the 7th. juan uribe puts it into the seats. his fourth career grand slam. the giants win their fourth straight road series for the first time since 2004. they took this one 10-46789 tim lincecum on the mound tomorrow as they end to road trip. the giants put jeremy after felt on the disabled list. the padres sauce the space cowboy himself throw out the first pitch. milledge doesn't get there. the press win 9-2. james willny sent everyone home. t
. >> a waiting list grew from minnesota to maryland. >> hey, you. hey. >> and lisa drove four hours for the gentle giant who was downsized out of his apartment. >> benny will now have acres to explore. >> we're very excited to take him on and give him a life. a care-free life. you'll be happy. >> reporter: there's a lot more wagging around here. no longer homeless, voiceless victims but treasured friends one more time. michelle cosinzy, nbc news, violet, louisiana. >> lots of animals around here that need homes as well. >>> back in san francisco, tens of thousands of people took to the streets today for the city's 32nd annual marathon. there were about 24,000 runners in all. that's a lot. some ran the full 26.2 miles while others took on the half marathon or 5k race. a 25-year-old grad student from stanford came in first among the men. congratulations. with a time of two hours, 23 minutes. a north carolina woman had the fastest time. for the women, a san francisco woman, though, took third with a time 36 hours, 1 minute. >> and you know, craig ijust have to say that it seems like th
into your income. >> reporter: sanders from maryland is one of them. >> we've been struggling. we've been struggling and juggling bills around. because you know that the mortgage is the most important bill. and we want to get help now before we get too far behind and end up losing the house. >> reporter: after an orientation with non-profit housing experts and talking with a counsellor, sanders then gets to sit down face-to-face with her lender to hash out better terms. >> on to the bank, right? >> on to the bank. >> okay. good luck. >> thank you. >> bank representatives say it makes sense for them to help people like sanders who are trying to stay afloat. >> the cash is still flowing to the investor and the bank and the homeowner gets to stay in their home. that is a great value add for anybody. >> not just are we saving homes but saving marriages and in some cases saving lives. it's that personal. >> reporter: the obama administration's loan modification program has been criticized for not doing enough to help homeowners. treasury secretary timothy geithner admits it is off to a slow st
of 24-year-old ryan baumann of great mills, maryland, could serve as a lesson to every military family. >> randy was a neat kid. he really wanted to join the army after 9/11 because he saw that there were things that he could do. >> couric: sergeant ryan baumann was as proud of his mission as his mother is of him. a soldier with the 101st airborne, he was stationed in eastern afghanistan protecting villagers from the taliban and providing critical services, like repairing pumps supplying water. >> one of the things that he said was that if anything happens to me, "just let the world know we're making a difference over here." >> couric: but on august 1, 2008, ryan was riding in a humvee when he spotted an i.e.d. >> he saw the i.e.d. he told his driver, "go left," and that placed the i.e.d. directly under him. >> couric: the 24-year-old soldier was killed instantly. the driver, gunner, and medic with him all survived. so in some ways, ryan really was a hero that day. >> yes. >> couric: and sacrificed his own life to save the other people who were with him. >> yes. >> couric: does that so
. the epicenter was in germantown, maryland. but it was felt throughout maryland, d.c., parts of northern virginia and west virginia. it woke up our household. kind of a rumble that came in a wave, started low, a crescendo, only five or seven seconds or so. if i didn't know better, i would have it was that old cliche, a massive freight train rumbling by. meteorologists who lived here for decades say this is the most significant quake they've ever felt. small quakes happen every few years, the last one 2.0 in 2008, but literally 200 years ago, matt, an earthquake rat. ed d.c. in 1828. president john quincy adams was in the white house and he was talking about a big shaker. back to you. >> i can't believe you went to the old freight train line there. that's okay. we got you. tom costello in washington. tom, thank you very much. five after the hour, here's meredith. >> matt, thank you. president obama is expected to comment on the situation in the gulf at any moment. chief white house correspondent chuck todd is at the white house for us. good morning. >>. >> reporter: good morning, meredith. we wait
. traffic is flowing out of manassas all the way into vienna. we have a crash at 29 in maryland southbound coming out of columbia and 50 west out a bowie had an accident. there are delays on 270. >>> we will have record-breaking highs this weekend. we will be back up to 100 degrees but it will be brief. in the 80 pause right now and the dew point is falling but the temperature will be high. it will be 95 for the high temperature and a lot of sunshine. you will not feel too much of a change the despite the low humidity. a slight chance of storms into the weekend. >>> mount vernon is undergoing improvements to help the disabled. accessible walkways, closed captioning for their films, and sign language and audio tours will be added for the deaf and blind for the changes come after an agreement between the justice department and the mount vernon ladies' association. we will be back with another ladies' association. we will be back with another update ♪ >>> jennifer lopez singing "louboutin." a little something. this is george. i'm robin on this -- one more alarm clock, we like to say. one mo
to do with politics, a small earthquake hit just outside of washington dc in rockville maryland measured 3.6 magnitude but they felt it as far as way as west virginia and pennsylvania. the shaking started just after 5:00, washington dc time. so far no reports of injuries or damage. >> the president said he felt the quake. >> did he. >> yes. >> lots of people feeling the shake. >> the long awaited financial reform go easy to president obama for his signature. the senate passed the bill on a 60-39 vote, almost two years after a financial melt down sent the economy into a recession. the bill puts new regulations on practices and expands consumer protexts. >> it provides certainty to everyone from bankers to farmers to business owners, to consumers. and unless your business model demands on cutting corners you have nothing to fear from this reform. >>> president obama is expected to sign that bill as early as wednesday. >>> one major investment bank blamed for the 2008 financial crisis has agreed to pay $550 million to federal and federal civil fraud case, goldman sachs was accused of misle
. it happened to ours ago it head with a magnitude of 3.6 it was centered right and the rock and build maryland area and no damage and of course out here we know you don't get the damage of an earthquake like that but they're not built for earthquakes. meanwhile series of earthquakes shook the sonoma county the latest before midnight two. it was centered 2 mi. north of the geysers early and the day to large quakes hit the region as well that includes a four. no it happened about 830 est morning will saw some new details regarding the oil spill bp has finally gained control over the biggest environmental catastrophes at least for now the company has placed a cap over the while that has been gushing crude oil since early spring is only a temporary fix but it has been greeted with hope and high expectations along the coast these pictures show you a much different scene you don't see all the oil gushing into the water. it is, if this holds and if the sea floor does not crack cut and this could be the beginning of the end for this bill. that is the whole. tests are being run to see if it can hold ba
was in the town of gaithersburg, which is about 15 miles north of here, in montgomery county, maryland. >> i heard you got advanced warning in your house? >> reporter: i don't know if this is common or not. but about five minutes before the thing happened, the dog, he went nuts. began whimpering and complaining. not barking. but was very, very upset about something. thought he wanted to go outside. we got to the front door and he didn't move. maybe he knew what was coming. >> maybe he did. but in my house, that could mean anything. okay. john donvan, thanks very much. >> glad to hear ere thanks a lot, john. >>> now, let's go to matt gutman, in buras, louisiana. has the latest on what's going on in the gulf. good news. promising news. robin. it's sealed and it's holding. this is the home run that bp had been hoping for. it's not game over yet. we just heard from a technical briefing at bp that they're still testing this well. but the pressure inside is increasing. that is good news. expect that cap to stay on. nearly 18 hours in. and it's holding. this colossal cork called the stacking cap, pluggin
in maryland that police call a suspect in a series of mother-daughter murders. >> capturing jason thomas scott and cracking the case was quite a challenge for investigators near washington, d.c. pierre thomas reports. >> reporter: the horror began at this home on january 26th, 2009, as an intruder neutralized the alarm system and slipped in. karen lofton, a 45-year-old nurse, was fatally shot as she tried to hide in this corner. her 16-year-old daughter was repeatedly shot as she frantically dialed 911 from her bed. police were perplexed. the doors were locked. no signs of forced entry. neighbors were terrified. two months later, the bodies of dolores dewitt, 42, and her 20-year-old daughter, ebony, were found in a burning car less than a mile away from the loftons' home. another nurse and a daughter killed. >> i will tell you mr. scott presented us with a very challenging ability to identify him as a suspect. >> reporter: this man, jason thomas scott, was charged in the murders of the dewitts and the chief of police here is convinced he's responsible for more. >> here's a mother and a daughte
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